Info about Amedeo Modigliani
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Alette et Blanche* Anette * Alice * Alphonse **
Anna * Jacques et Berthe * Hanka ** Henri *
Jeanne * Juliette * Maxim ** (reserved) Monique ** (reserved)
I use painted jute as background for my portraits.
The faces and other body parts are made of felt
and hand painted. The features are hand
embroidered and filled with a special filler.
Sometimes I use the strands of an artificial wig for
hair, other times woolen or cotton thread.

The larger portraits  *) are about 90x60 cm (hxw),
the smaller ones **) are 60x45 cm (hxw).

Price indication: varies for the large ones from
400-600 euros and the smaller ones 150-250 euros.

If you are interested in buying one, please contact
me by mail.