sculpture head, 39x16cm (hxw) sculpture, back view sculpture woman, 60x15 cm (hxw) sculpture woman close-up
torso woman, 48x17 cm (hxw) torso woman close-up torso woman, 50x17 cm (hxw) torso woman close-up
sculpture man, 54x16 cm (hxw) sculpture man close-up woman torso, 75 x70 cm (hxw) woman torso close-up

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Info about Amedeo Modigliani
I love working with rope and clay. I wanted to make
sculptures that are not heavy but float on their
pedestal or against canvas.

For these sculptures I used butcher's twine, hennep
rope, clay, maize and wood chips.
All these materials are treated wth a material
hardener which leave the materials in their original
form or color.

Price indication: from 75 to 175 euros. If you are
interested in buying one please contact me by mail.