Info about Amedeo Modigliani
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Nadine, framed, 45x35cm (hxw) Nadine, close-up Claudette, 50x40cm (hxw) Claudette, close-up
Amy, 40x30cm (hxw) Amy, close-up Nicole, 30x25 (hxw) Nicole, close-up
Anton,framed 25x25 (hxw) Anton, close-up Edith, framed 25x25cm (hxw) Edith, close-up

I use painted canvas as background for these
portraits. Some of them have a frame around them,
but can be changed. The faces and other body
parts are made of felt and hand painted. The
features are hand embroidered and filled with a
special filler. Sometimes I use the strands of an
artificial wig for hair, other times woolen or cotton

The portraits have different sizes and and prices
differ from 50 to 175 euros.

If you are interested in buying one, please contact
me by mail.